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Dry Ice Energy, your trusted partner in cleaning solutions.

We bring you patented, compact, and lightweight dry ice blasting machines that make cleaning more accessible and convenient than ever before. Our advanced technology ensures thorough cleaning on all types of surfaces without the need for water or aggressive chemicals. We take pride in eliminating all kinds of dirt, including stubborn oils, greases, organic buildup and harmful germs like bacteria, mold, and viruses.

Our cleaning solutions are safe and immaculate, making them perfect for almost all surfaces and industries. Reach out to us today and discover the advantages of dry ice cleaning for a cleaner, hygienic, and greener environment like never before.

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Dry Ice Energy is the pioneer of efficient and easy-to-use dry ice cleaning. It offers a faster and simpler cleaning solution than traditional methods, without the use of water. However, dry ice blasting machines available in the market are usually bulky, loud, and come with high acquisition and operating costs.

In contrast, Dry Ice Energy introduces a revolutionary approach with its patented, compact and lightweight cleaning machines, making the benefits of dry ice cleaning accessible to all.


Gernot Schnettler,

CEO of Dry Ice Energy Ltd

Our Solutions


      Radiant Intensity: **

  • Gentle mini pellets
  • Without water and chemicals
  • Fast cleaning


      Radiant Intensity: ***

  • Larger dry ice tank
  • Gentle mini pellets
  • Without water and chemicals
  • Fast cleaning


     Radiant Intensity: *****

  • Extra power with abrasive blasting agent
  • Larger dry ice tank
  • Gentle mini pellets
  • Without water and chemicals
  • Fast cleaning


 Radiant Intensity: *******

  • Variable consumption setting
  • Extra power with abrasive blasting agent
  • Larger dry ice tank
  • Gentle mini pellets and power pellets
  • Without water and chemicals
  • Fast cleaning

Our Rental Plans

Experience the benefits of dry ice cleaning without any investment or long-term commitment through our flexible rental models. Rent our dry ice blasting machines for 3, 6 or 12 months and test this innovative cleaning solution extensively and conveniently without taking any risks.

Why Rental Plan?

  • Enjoy “High Flexibility” with our Dry Ice Energy solutions.
  • Opt for “Hire Purchase” to own our state-of-the-art machines while keeping your investments low.
  • Our products are “Made in Germany” and are developed, patented, and produced in Germany to the highest quality standards. With us, you can rent our machinery instead of buying them and enjoy a quick start to your cleaning journey.
“Dry Ice Energy does the dry ice cleaning finally easy in our company to use and uncomplicated!”



Experience the benefits of Dry Ice Energy's dry ice cleaning solution .

Dry Ice (1)

Dry Ice Energy’s dry ice cleaning machines are designed with a compact structure, making them easy to handle and have low dry ice and compressed air consumption. Our German-made quality ensures a reliable cleaning solution every time.

Anti-Germ Coatings

With our innovative anti-germ coating, you can protect surfaces from the colonization of pathogens for a period of up to 12 months, for example after dry ice cleaning. This provides active protection against contamination and transmission of pathogens through contact with surfaces in the future.

How exactly does dry ice cleaning work?

Dry ice is created by freezing carbon dioxide gas at about -80°C. It is environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, and completely free of water, making it ideal for cleaning purposes. Our dry ice cleaning machines compress the dry ice into rice-sized pellets that can be applied to almost any surface. 

The cold temperature and high speed of the dry ice pellets make the dirt brittle and crack, without harming the surface to cleaned, as dry ice is non-abrasive in nature.



When the dry ice pellets impact the surface, they increase in volume by 760 times, providing a powerful “blasting” effect, knocking off any dirt or debris that comes in contact with its surface.



During the sublimation process, dry ice changes from its solid to gaseous state without leaving any residue behind. As there is no moisture involved in the dry ice cleaning process, surfaces remain dry and free from any contamination from the blasting material.


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Our Partner Network

Discover a certified Dry Ice Energy partner in your area for expert advice or cleaning services related to dry ice technology by accessing our Partner Network.


Would you like to know where you can benefit from the advantages of dry ice cleaning with Dry Ice Energy? Or how you can purchase our machines?


With its compact design and easy handling, Dry Ice Energy’s cleaning solutions can be utilized across several industries, offering numerous potential applications.


Dry Ice Energy provides a precision clean environment that removes germs, including bacteria, viruses, and mold, from nearly all surfaces.

  • Without water and chemicals
  • Reduce germ load
  • Removes bacteria, viruses & mold


Dry Ice Energy’s cleaning devices are designed to be portable, weighing only 12 kg without the need for electricity. This allows for on-the-go cleaning, as the compact dry ice machine can be readily transported from machine to machine.

  • Reduction of rejects
  • Removal of release agents
  • Elimination of outgassing


Thanks to the unique properties of Dry Ice Energy’s dry ice machines and premium dry ice, car interiors, engines, and electrical components can be cleaned more quickly, efficiently and safely than with traditional cleaning agents. Our eco-friendly approach reduces the need for water and eliminates the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring a gentle yet effective clean.

  • Engine cleansing
  • Interior preparation
  • Cleaning electrical components
  • Subfloor care


Benefit from gentle and hygienic cleaning that does not scratch or damage surfaces. With Dry Ice Energy’s dry ice cleaning, cleaning is made quick and easy, without the need for any brushing or dismantling of parts.

  • Ventilation systems
  • Air conditioning Fans


The compact design and low compressed air requirements of our ice blasting machines make them highly portable. Our mobile services offer unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, and the dry ice blasting machines can be used for on-the-go cleaning.

  • Flexible and efficient construction site cleaning
  • Mobile service on site


With its compact design and effortless handling, Dry Ice Energy’s dry ice cleaning solution offers efficient performance in a range of industries and applications. See for yourself by scheduling a demonstration on-site.

  • Dryer screen cleaning
    without chemicals and water
  • Efficient and effective

What our customers say!

With Dry Ice Energy we clean every day significantly more vehicles per employee and increase the quality.
Turnaround management
The possibility of cleaning in we have ongoing production process our productivity by 3-5 percent Increased. increase the quality.
Supervisor tool shop
We have been using dry ice in for years of production – Dry Ice Energy relies here Standards in terms of economy and effectiveness.
General Manager


Review - Very good for Dry Ice Energy

The Champ Turbo is a sophisticated, easy-to-use drying Ice blasting machine with a wide range of applications.

DRY ICE ENERGY for processing plants

Less time, reduced costs, better Results – that sounds too good to be true

Technical report workshop practice

The new clever vehicle cleaning concept – Finally – slim, dainty and elegant, she glides in

Cleaning entirely without water and chemicals

Dry Ice Energy offers new compact dry ice cleaning system.

Mobile dry ice cleaning

Light, handy and effective. The dry ice cleaning machine Champ Turbo from Dry Ice Energy gently cleans surfaces

Cleaning entirely without water and chemicals

Dry Ice Energy offers new compact dry ice cleaning system.

Mobile dry ice cleaning

Light, handy and effective. The dry ice cleaning machine Champ Turbo from Dry Ice Energy gently cleans surfaces

DRY ICE ENERGY for classic cars

The experienced specialist appreciates the use of the innovative dry ice cleaning technology vintage cars.

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We deliver solutions tailored to your needs Application are tailored


Achieve excellent hygienic cleanliness by removing dirt and germs from almost all surfaces.


Maximize cost savings with our low consumption of dry ice and compressed air, along with extremely easy handling.


Contribute to a cleaner environment with our eco-friendly solution that eliminates water and aggressive chemicals in the cleaning process, while still providing optimal cleaning results at a temperature of -80°C.

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If so, we would be delighted to hear from you!

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